Mujovic passed the polygraph on Marovic

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Special public prosecution is opening new cases against former official of the Democratic party of socialists Svetozar Marovic, and a key cooperating witness might be Veselin Mujovic who is currently in custody, who was yesterday questioned again in prosecution offices, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper.

Mujovic was also questioned with polygraph several days ago, in accordance with the procedures, and he passed it on all the raised issues and questions.

He addressed the public several months ago via daily newspaper Dan, and statements from his letters are a subject of the new investigation against Marovic.

Veselin Mujovic said in his letters that former DPS official used every mean possible in order to illegally obtain large amounts of money. According to Mujovic’s claims, Marovic was bribing public officials, prepared assassinations of witnesses, and tried to set up a false medical diagnosis for special prosecutor Milivoje Katnic.

He claims that he’s behind the bars because Marovic falsely accused him of a fraud. According to him, this was done because he has evidence of many illegal acts that Marovic and his partners and family ahve done. He said that the information he provided on Marovic are the reason the prosecution made the investigation against him a secret. Mujovic claims that because of this he and his family are receiving threats behind which are Marovic and his partners.

Mujovic is in detention under suspicion that he defrauded Marovic by taking 890.000 euros from him in order to help them in investigations that are ongoing against them regarding malversations in Budva. Also, he is suspected to have taken 20.000 euros from the father of the former mayor of Budva Lazar Radjenovic, and that he tried to defraud former primie minister’s councellor Aleksandar Ticic for 100.000 euros.

Mujovic claims, in the letters sent to media from his cell in prison in Spuz, that all these accusations are false.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro