Municipality of Berane: state of emergency should be imposed

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Crisis Staff for the implementation of measures for the protection and monitoring of cattle lumpy skin disease in the Municipality of Berane has sent a request to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to introduce a state of emergency.

The petition states that so far the disease has been confirmed in the territory of Berane in 54 cattle, of which 44 were removed with no consequences. Meanwhile, new samples of suspicious cattle have been sent for confirmation.

“After the information about the disease, the municipality of Berane put into function all available technical and human capacities of the Secretariat of Agriculture for the vaccination. The Commission for damage assess and sanitary burial of infected cattle was also activated. Considering the fact that the most affected are elderly households in remote mountainous areas who are not able to dig pits for animal burial, and the municipality machines are mostly broken and unable to reach remote villages, Municipality of Berane is unable to timely perform the removal of diseased animals, ” it is said in the municipality statement.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro