MUP investigates the cause of the explosion

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Experts from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP) investigate the causes of a serious explosion at the ‘’Tara’’factory in Mojkovac, learns Pobjeda.

We are reminding that Maksim Vujicic, who was seriously injured in an explosion on Monday morning, succumbed to injuries yesterday at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade.

Apart from Vujicic, Radovan Cobeljic, who is still in a shock room and whose health is unchanged, is seriously injured in the explosion, according to TVCG.

Factory “Tara”, as announced on Tuesday by the company, was closed until further notice, learns Pobjeda.

The task of MUP experts is, among other things, to determine whether the dangerous materials that were handled at the factory were adequately preserved, processed and prepared.

The Occupational Safety Inspector established that all parameters in this field were respected and that they were not the cause of this accident.

Two of the employees performed their regular work in a room next to the press. The rooms are connected by a conveyor belt.

As inspection explained, the explosion occurred after the pressing was finished and the pressed piece has returned to the room in which two workers were present. They stressed that employees do not stay in the premises where the press is located.

Pobjeda learned from MUP that the inspector for explosive substances, inflammable substances, liquids and gases regularly carried out preventive inspections at the factory, in accordance with the plan of inspection supervision of the Main office for Inspection Supervision of the Directorate for Emergency Situations.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro