MUP plane fell into Skadar lake

Fire fighting aircraft of the Interior Ministry (MUP) fell today around 11 o’clock in the Skadar Lake, Radomir Scepanovic, Chief of Directorate for operations confirmed for Portal RTCG. Pilot Branislav Stojanovic swam out of the lake.

The pilot is now at the Emergency Center but was not injured, Scepanovic told us.

“Fire fighting plane AT802A which is owned by Avio-helicopter unit of the MUP, had an incident that occurred during landing on the lake. The plane was supposed to take part in extinguishing the fire and it was instructed to the lake o fill the tank with water. Preliminary findings indicate that pilot did not suffer any injuries during the accident. The exact cause of the accident and the level of damage to the aircraft shall be determined in further proceedings to be enforce by the relevant institutions”, it was announced from the MUP.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro