Mustafa: We are gathering the votes need for ratifying Agreement on demarcation

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Prime Minister of Kosovo Isa Mustafa spoke to Pobjeda daily saying that they are working on ratifying the Agreement with Montenegro, and he expressed his expectation that they will gather enough votes to pass the Agreement on demarcation in the Parliament.

“We are now discussing this matter with people in the field, who are opposed to it. We are trying to resolve the issue with the opposition”, Mustafa said in New York, attending 71. Session of UN General Assembly.

The ratification in Priština was canceled in August for September 1st, and Government of Kosovo withdrew the Agreement on that day. The reason was insufficient number of votes for majority in the Parliament.

Commenting on the withdrawal, Mustafa said it was only temporary.

“The ratification will be revisited in the Parliament. We will gather the necessary votes by then”, Prime Minister of Kosovo said.

Mustafa believes relations between Kosovo and Montenegro are very good.

“We had Montenegro’s support in all our processes so far. Now we have the power to resolve this issue and we are working on it. I think we will resolve the matter. Montenegro did its part. We have no objections to Montenegro’s behavior in this process. It is now an interior matter of Kosovo”, Mustafa said.

The Agreement on demarcation with Montenegro was signed in Vienna in August of last year.

It is a very important document to Priština, and it passing is conditioning Kosovo’s visa liberalization. EU officials stated as much, inviting Kosovo to pass the Agreement as soon as possible.

Those opposing the Agreement believe that Kosovo fell short of 8.000 hectares of territory. They marked the points on Čakor and in the region of Dacići and mountain Žlijeb, where they believe the line should be.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro