Mustafic and Orav: Continue to meet the requirements for EU membership

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Past achievements oblige Montenegro to continue principally meet the criteria for full membership in the European Union, it was said at the meeting between the deputy Parliament speaker Suljo Mustafic and newly appointed head of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, Avio Orav.

“Montenegro has made significant progress in the field of Euro-Atlantic integration, taken important legislative steps and made continued progress in the field of institution-building, particularly in the field of rule of law”, Mustafic said.

According to him, the Parliament’s role is significant in all that.

“Parliament’s role is very important because it represents the area of various political developments. Political dialogue that led to the election of the government of electoral confidence is particularly important, since the opposition got the chance to control important institutions. I believe that this approach will lead to more trust in the election process and that the elections outcome will be uncontested”, said Mustafic.

He added that the Bosniak Party made a significant contribution during the political dialogue, as well as to all previous positive and reform processes in Montenegro.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro