Mustafic: It’ll be a disgrace if a single copy of the Dictionary remains

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Vice president of the parliament Suljo Mustafic asked for a ban on selling and distribution of the first edition of Montenegrin people’s and literary language prepared by Montenegrin Academy of scientists and artists CANU.

“Primarily, we demand this because of the inexcusable and brutal insults of Albanian, Bosniacs and Muslim citizens of Montenegro. We believe that this edition offends and disturbs citizens, by bringing back some offensive stereotypes and creating new divisions, which is not in best interest of anyone in Montenegro with the right mind. We are thanking everyone who condemned this so-called scientific approach these days and insulting Muslim, Albanian and Bosniac citizens of Montenegro”, said Mustafic yesterday at the parliament meeting, during the discussion about resolution for the support for membership of Montenegro in NATO.

He said that the initiative signed by 117 citizens of various religions and nations, professions and education, which demands an apology and withdrawal of the Dictionary is a testimony to the strength of civic Montenegro.

“We ar still expecting an apology from the publishers of CANU, from the editor’s board and the Council. From relevant public institutions we expect a ban on distribution of this edition. If even a single copy remains in use that will be a mark of permanent shame and relation towards a significant part of Montenegrin citizens. Modern Montenegro cannot allow this”, said Mustafic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro