NATO ambassadors recommend invitation to Montenegro

Ambassadors of the NATO member states have recommended to the Foreign Ministers to invite Montenegro to NATO, said the Ambassador of Slovakia in the Alliance Tomas Valasek.

However, as he stated, Montenegro should not celebrate yet, because the final decision is brought by the foreign ministers.

Valasek said that he hopes that NATO will accept reforms that Montenegro conducted and which are impressive in his opinion.

” Of course, only ministers decide. What I know at this point is that the ambassadors recommended to the ministers to invite Montenegro. But I repeat, only the ministers decide. Past practice has shown that very rarely ministers will take a decision which differs from the decision of ambassadors, but there is always a theoretical possibility, so don’t celebrate yet. Wait for the ministerial meeting, which is tomorrow, and their final decision”, Valasek said to Radio Antena M.

The decision on invitation of Montenegro to join NATO will be brought on 2 December, Television of Montenegro learns at the headquarters of the Alliance.

This information will also be confirmed by the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg at a press conference starting at 14 am.

TVCG (Television of Montenegro) learns from diplomatic sources that the decision on the invitation will be positive. Official confirmation is expected after the voting of 28 member countries.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro