NATO and the EU is an important step for CG

Minister of Foreign Affairs and European integration Igor Luksic said that joining NATO and then the European Union is an important step forward for Montenegro.

“Security is a prerequisite for building institutions, and all that together is a precondition for long-term prosperity”, said Luksic in Croatia Forum 2015, held in Dubrovnik.

He pointed out the importance of membership in NATO and the EU is reflected through the fulfillment of policies that encourage business development. He cited the example of Croatia, who was once in a position to receive, and is now in a position, as he said, to provide assistance.

Luksic pointed out that Montenegro is developed through the structural funds, from the period after the conflict up to the present development of civil society and human rights.

He reminded that in Montenegro “at one point there was 20 percent of the refugee population and now only two to three percent.”

He warned that it would be disastrous if this percentage was transferred in the same relation to the European countries. He said that refugees have integrated into society, but that it was a challenge for Montenegro. Luksic said that it partly has to deal with Roma population that has yet to be integrated.

He said that the priorities of linking Montenegro to NATO and the EU are in accordance with internal national priorities related to development.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro