NATO best protection against Islamists

Yesterday’s video showing members of the Islamic country threatening to soon start conquering Balkans also shows that NATO is the best protective frame against terrorism, consider interviewees of Podgorica-based ‘’Dnevne novine’’.

Military analyst of the portal “Defence and Security” ( Igor Tabak believes that these threats are not anything new.

“A certain number of people from the entire range of countries which have been named went to foreign battlefields. Some of them are thinking about going back. Since they started thinking of going back they started with their threats. These threats were previously used as an appeal to the people to come to foreing battlefields, and now they bring battlefields with them”, said Tabak.

He believes that these amateur recordings, with few people and resources, can not be serious threat to the state. He believes that their goal is the introduction of nervousness and fear. It is also a desire that the state deals with them.

However, according to Tabak, such threats, which were frequent in recent years, should not be viewed lightly. He thinks that these scourges should be fought against in time. Joining NATO is certainly the best way for Montenegro to protect itself against potential terrorist attacks.

Chairman of the Committee on Security and Defence Mevludin Nuhodzic believes that the published footage is a confirmation that the Islamic state and other terrorist organizations are basing their activities primarily on the abuse and manipulation of Islam, which, as he says, poses a threat to all countries of the democratic world who preserve the legacy of tolerance and respect for diversity.

Positive Montenegro MP Srdjan Peric stressed that any threat relating to security of the state and its citizens should be taken seriously and be monitored. On the other hand, he adds, one should take care not to create an environment that could produce Islamophobia while doing it.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro