NATO brings higher salaries and pensions

Montenegro’s membership in NATO is crucial for strengthening the economy, it is stated in the company blog Fidelity Consulting which deals with relationships with banks, financial management and business consulting.

Blog authors believe that the accession of Montenegro to the Alliance will provide more jobs for all, especially for highly educated personnel, as well as higher salaries and pensions, smaller monthly installments loans and long-term prosperity.

They remind that Montenegro found its place on the investment maps of powerful investors from the EU, US, Canada, Asia (UAE, China, Azerbaijan, Japan), Australia, which means that the Montenegrin framework for attracting foreign investment is set correctly.

“Montenegro’s membership in NATO, would additionally increase investments from NATO member countries, as shown by the experience of countries that recently became members of the alliance. New investments mean new jobs and new knowledge that will be adopted from investors as well as new revenues for Montenegrin companies”, the blog says.

With membership in NATO, it added, Montenegrin companies can participate in tenders of NATO, which has an annual budget of over $ 700 billion.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro