NATO code also important for the economy

By obtaining NATO code companies can access large market in which they can improve their business, it was said at a roundtable on “NATO code – a chance for profit”.

The representatives of the private sector and institutions of the NATO member states Slovenia and Croatia, as well as domestic companies which possess NATO code for their services and products spoke at the meeting organized by the Chamber of Commerce (PKCG) and the Communication team of the Council for membership in NATO.

Director of PKCG Velimir Mijuskovic said that obtaining the NATO code opens the way for enterprizes towards the large market which, in addition to companies from NATO states, consists of another 38 countries that are not members. According to him, although political and security aspects of NATO membership is most talked about, it is also important for the economy.

The perception of investors that the country is safe, he said, is extremely important.

Membership also affects tourism

“This effect is not insignificant at all”, he said, stressing the importance of foreign investors for the overall development of the economy.

Mijuskovic reminded that the first codification in Montenegro was done in 2011, stating that about 70 companies in Montenegro received the code. The national coordinator for NATO Vesko Garcevic said that the focus is on four key areas in the process of accession to NATO, stating that the economic aspect is equally important aspect of this process.

“No less important issue is the impact of membership on our economy”, said Garcevic.

He said that NATO is not a financial organization but that Montenegro presents itself as a stable and safe country with the membership in the Alliance.

Garcevic said that it is important for the business environment of the state and contributes to the increase of foreign investments that the country needs for economic growth, but also for reducing unemployment.

According to Garcevic, membership would also have a positive impact on tourism. He stressed the importance of NATO tender for Montenegrin companies: “The opening of such a large market is very important for companies from Montenegro”.

Entering the NATO, said Garcevic, also affects the raising of the credit rating.

“Obtaining NATO code allows countries to share a large market”, he said, reminding that about 76 products in accordance with the Alliance standards was codified until now.

Director of Industry in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce Tajana Kesic Sapic pointed out that NATO is not only a military alliance but represents a much broader concept when it comes to the economy.

“NATO acquires various goods and services by a number of mechanisms”, she said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro