NATO does not mean a break with Russia

Joining NATO does not mean that Montenegro should cease its historical ties with Russia, the US ambassador, Sue K. Brown says, stating that, unfortunately, Montenegro’s decision to seek membership in NATO and the European Union is often shown as anti-Russian.

She added that global problems require the cooperation of many countries and that both NATO and Russia are aware of it.

“It’s one of the reasons they have established the NATO-Russia council to work together on issues of mutual importance,” Brown says in an interview with TV Vijesti.

Asked to comment the withdrawal of Boro Vucinic from the position of Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), Brown said it was important that the government of Montenegro continue the necessary reforms, especially in light of recent changes in the NSA.

Asked what we should do in other fields in order to be invited in NATO next year, she said that the allies were very direct about the conditions for joining NATO in the areas of rule of law, public support and defense reform.

“The Government, with the help of the media and civil society should help citizens to understand why NATO is the right choice for Montenegro,” Brown said.

She said that during the current term of office she has seen that Montenegro has made impressive progress in the Euro-Atlantic path with plans to undertake a significant role in addressing global issues.

“Improving the rule of law remains a major challenge and I believe significant progress will be continued in the coming years. I am encouraged by establishing the Office of the Special Public Prosecutor for the fight against organized crime and corruption and preventive anti-corruption agency. The role of civil society in helping this process is another encouraging sign, ” Brown concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro