NATO flags in VCG quarters



In front of the Ministry of Defense and the barracks of the Army of Montenegro, in Danilovgrad, Niksic, Pljevlja, Kolasin, Bar, Masline, as well as in the Golubovci Air Base NATO flag has been officially raised this morning, and in the future will stand alongside Montenegrin one.

Montenegro has become a full member of NATO, after the ceremony in Washington during the summit held last week.

The process of accession of Montenegro had lasted for 11 years. The formal call to join NATO was sent on December 2, 2015.
By the founding act of NATO all parties are obliged to settle all international disputes, which they might be involved in, with peaceful means.

An armed attack on one or more NATO members is regarded as attack on all of them, writes in the contract.

Renewing its independence, Montenegro has set as a strategic goal accession to the EU and NATO.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro