NATO invitation, a new era for MNE

The invitation to NATO membership is the ticket to a new, more intense and more challenging phase of the relations between Montenegro and the Alliance and the society of modern democracy, the Minister of Defense Milica Pejanovic Djurisic said.

“The decision to send invitations for NATO membership will mark the beginning of a new era for Montenegro,” Pejanovic-Djurisic said in an article for the magazine Partner.

In the Montenegrin history that will remain as a time when we strenghtened our traditional values with the new values of modern democracy and when we stepped on the international scene with more responsibility for global peace, stability and progress.

Pejanovic-Djurisic said that at this moment we feel a special responsibility to future generations and Montenegrin youth.

“They will be able to assess, in the best way, all that is undertaken in terms of defining and achieving the most important strategic objectives that create conditions for a safe and prosperous life for all citizens of Montenegro,” she said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro