NATO is the best solution for a small country

Collective security system is one of the best responses to contemporary challenges and the only way for small countries, said the national coordinator for NATO, Nebojsa Kaludjerovic, stating that neutrality is not subject for serious discussion.

In a lecture to students of the MediterraneanUniversity, on the topic of Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro, he said that NATO integration targets young and they will determine the priorities and direction of the state and use the benefits of membership.

” NATO membership ensures a lasting peace to this region. A number of new threats increase range of dangers – no country can respond. Collective security system is one of the best responses to contemporary challenges”, Kaludjerovic said.

He added that the so-called neutrality is not permissible subject for serious discussion.

“Collective security is the only way for small countries. We want to be part of a system whose values we share”.

Kaludjerovic stated that the compatibility of the European Union (EU) and NATO is unquestionable.

“The criteria for membership and the values and heritage of the EU and NATO are common and inseparable”, he said.

Kaludjerovic concluded that some of the topics that could be heard as potential reasons why Montenegro should not become a member of NATO have no arguments, such as those that Montenegro would lose its sovereignty as NATO member, stating that the Alliance is an organization based on consensus.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro