NATO is the highlight of Montenegrin independence

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Deputies of the Parliament of Montenegro today continued their discussion on the resolution on support for NATO membership. Parliament should declare on the document today.

Draft resolution, submitted by the deputies of the Democratic Party of Socialists, the Positive Montenegro, the Social Democrats, the Liberal Party and minority parties.

Luigj Skrelja from the DPS said that NATO membership is a guarantee that a country has a stable area for the foreign investments.

“Therefore, every country has the prerequisites for rapid economic development. The expansion of NATO is response of democratic world to the challenges of the new age,” he said in Parliament.

The deputy of the SDP, Draginja Vuksanovic is confident that Montenegro will join NATO.

“Montenegro has to join NATO. I believe that this resolution, which was once in Parliament, perhaps should not be here again, unless there was an intention to activate new divisions. I believe that the intention of those divisions was not to think about deciding on this in a referendum, because this will not be decided in a referendum, ” said Vuksanovic.

She pointed out that the deputies were representatives of the people, stating that nevertheless every citizen has the right to believe in something.

“I do not want to intervene into someone’s attitude. However, I want to say to those who are against NATO membership, that joining the alliance puts a crown on independent Montenegro. Then finally, after many centuries, the boundaries of Montenegro will be firmly established and preserved. There will be no place for the old or new ideologies, warmongering policies, wars for peace and there will be no place for corruption and crime”, Vuksanovic is convinced.

Milos Konatar of the Civic Movement URA said that they absolutely support Montenegro’s membership in NATO, saying that there is nothing controversial about it.

“Our position is that this is the best framework for Montenegro and its citizens. However, what is disputed is that today we are talking about this resolution, and we have already discussed it less than a year ago. “

The DF deputy, Predrag Bulatovic, ironically said that NATO is a democratic institution which, he said, was responsible for the deaths of more than 30 million people, while independent deputy, Jelisava Kalezic, stressed that NATO was a “well-organized multinational company that seeks new buildingsites.”

The DF’s deputy Janko Vucinic said that if our country joined NATO without a referendum, “half of Montenegro will get out in front of the Parliament, Government and other institutions.”

Then you’ll have to get out in front of the nation and no fences, stun grenades, tear gas, no rubber bullets will not save you in this case,” he said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro