NATO prepared for discussion with those opposing to the membership

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Once the Accession Protocol is signed between Montenegro and NATO and the ratification process starts, there will be many questions, depending on country in question, said Robert Pszczel, director of the NATO Information Office in Moscow.

In an interview with Pobjeda newspaper, he said that Montenegro could expect the issue of membership to be in the focus of public attention.

He said that boosting public support for the membership was crucial.

As he said, Montenegro was a democratic country which did its homework and conducted reforms.

“If 28 countries, including large and small European countries, the United States, Canada and Turkey, say that Montenegro is a candidate worth to be invited to membership, then this is an important message to the people”, said Pszczel.

He also said that the other 28 NATO member countries respected the role of Montenegro.

“It is an interesting coincidence that the accession protocol will be signed at the tenth anniversary of Montenegro’s independence. It speaks volumes for a country that gained independence”, Pszczel said.

He said that NATO believes that public support for the membership increased. He also hopes that it will be strengthened, which is “very important for every country”.

Pszczel NATO was also interested to hear the opinions of those opposing Montenegrin membership in NATO.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro