NATO responds with truth to propaganda

Social media are a good tool that NATO also uses to communicate with the audience, but they can be misused for propaganda purposes, experts in the field estimated.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro and the NATO Public Diplomacy Division, with the support of the Communications Team of the Council for membership in NATO of the Montenegrin Government, organized a conference on social networks called “Social Media: strengthening partners’.

Steven Mehringer from Alliance’s Sector for Communication Technologies told reporters that the use of social media is very important for NATO communication with the public.

“Using social media is very important for NATO because we have a mandate to communicate with the public, to strengthen the awareness and knowledge of the operations and activities of the Alliance,” said Mehringer.

Social media, he said, is an excellent tool for the Alliance to connect and establish direct communication with the audience. “Thus, we are giving our audience the possibility to communicate directly with the Alliance,” he said.

What NATO is telling to its audience, said Mehringer, is the most important aspect for the operation of NATO in the field of digital communications.

He explained that disclosing the information and spreading it to a greater range of people is effective means to connect with the audience.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro