NATO spoils relations with Serbia



Unlike many who assessed that the relations between Serbia and Montenegro are improving, analyst Zlatko Vujovic believes it is only a calm.

“Looking from the side, it seems that relations between Serbia and Montenegro are harmonious. At least there are no significant open issues in public between Belgrade officials and the official Podgorica. However, it seems to me that this is, in some way, just calm for the simple reason that the strategic interests of Serbia and Montenegro are partly in the conflict, ” Vujovic said.

Vujovic, who participated in the conference “Relations between Serbia and Montenegro, ten years after the referendum” held in Belgrade, told daily “Politika” that the issues between the two countries would once again come to the surface when one of the disputed issues, such as NATO integration,is to be open and possibly if there is a change of political power in Serbia.

When asked how changes in the Serbian Parliament would affect relations between the two countries, Vujovic said: “It is possible that the arrival of radical political parties, such as SRS, Dveri, DSS, which have been labeled as the parties that have very negative point of view regarding some strategic priorities of Montenegro, would affect relationships. Under their pressure in parliament , ruling Progressives would possibly change their discourse with Montenegro, “Vujovic concluded.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro