NATO success is based on friendship

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Success of NATO and its partners is based on something far more bigger than dialogue between our leaders. It is based on the comradeship of the many men and women who are called to work together in times of need.

People from different countries, different cultures and different ways of life working together as one, said NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General John Manza said at opening of EADRCC exercise “CRNA GORA 2016.

He also says the following: ‘’Exercises like this enable Allies and Partners to work together and to learn from each other. For the success of NATO and of its partners is based on far more than the dialogue between our leaders.

Exercises like this also embody the Euro-Atlantic bond that exists between Allies and Partners, and the solidarity and mutual commitment that this bond represents.

Throughout the next four days, next-door neighbors and far away as well, will work side-by-side to make sure that when the lives of our populations, families and friends are at stake, the sum of our effort will be greater than the sum of its parts.

Over the next four days, you will all become better at what you do. You will learn how to work more effectively with each other. By the end of the exercise, you will develop a greater understanding of each other and have greater confidence in each other’s abilities.

The exercise is the result of the extraordinary joint effort and commitment of more than 100 planners, 16 national teams and 31 nations and organizations over the last ten months.’’

Director of the Directorate for Emergency Situations, Mirsad Mulic said that “natural disasters do not respect national borders and happen to everyone.”

“Earthquakes, floods, fires, technical and technological accidents, environmental accidents and other disasters often bring the terrible destruction of human lives and relationships. Experience has shown that even the most powerful countries sometimes are not able to give an adequate response to the situation. In such circumstances, the international help is needed. NATO and the partners have developed a very efficient and developed operation system in the event of civil disasters, ” Mulić said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro