NATO will not build its bases in Montenegro

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NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller said that there will not be NATO bases in Montenegro.

Responding to questions made by students of the University of Montenegro, she said that she heard that “there were concerns because you had couple of ports, but that is not the reason”.

“The reason is that Montenegro could have an important role in European security,” said Gottemoeller.

Gottemoeller “had open and productive discussion about NATO and Montenegro” and the impact of changes in the security environment, reports the Dnevne novine.

“Montenegro steadily progresses toward NATO and it would not take long for it to become 29th member of the Alliance. I want to congratulate you on the progress Montenegro made regarding NATO membership,” said Gottemoeller.

She also pointed out that Montenegro was already very important NATO partner. Gottemoeller looked back on the history of the Alliance, saying that allies were connected by common values of democracy, individual freedom, human rights and the rule of law.

The Rector of the University of Montenegro Radmila Vojvodic welcomed Rose Gottemoeller as “an exceptional woman who with her position represents a milestone in the Alliance.”

In October, Gottemoeller became the first woman who took one of the highest positions in the history of the Alliance.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro