Nemanja Medin’s blood found! Lured in weapons trading

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A trace of blood of missing Petrovac citizen Nemanja Medin (24) was found on a license plate of the burnet care. This trace points to the young man being kidnapped on July 8th and high state prosecution Željko Tomković is holding Vladimir Ulama (24) and Darko Mijović (26) under suspicion for committing this act, Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily writes.

Although unclear, prosecution’s warrant suggests that Medin was hurt and bled when he was held in the trunk of Reno Megan BD BB142. The trunk had old French license plate BV-910HH, that seems to have fallen out of the vehicle not far from the place where it burned.

Weapons trading meeting

The warrant cites reasonable doubt that Ulama and Mijović held Nemanja Medin in Virpazar, “aware of their act committed using deceit and force. Medin suffered heavy consequences, and Bogdan Milić (34), Marko Vujačić (45) and Zoran Muhadinović (44) helped Ulama from July 8th to August 4th to avoid the charges for the act that would warrant over 5 years in prison”.

Prosecutor claims that the suspects were aware they were committing the crime, because Ulama and Mijović phoned Medin on July 8th, asking him to come to Virpazar in order to buy weapons.

“Medin accepted this and went to Virpazar on the same day, where he met Ulama, together with one or many unknown individuals. Ulama demanded that he do something which he refused, after which they applied force to him, making him bleed. They put him in the trunk, drove him to an unknown place. After that, between July 8th and July 12th, Ulama and Mijović burned the car in Jabukov Do”, prosecutor believes.

Mijović has burns on his hands, Ulama scratches on his legs

In this act, Mijović got burns on his right hand, and Ulama got scratches on his legs. The car was found on July 12th during the searches of the terrain.

“On July 11th, during the search of the terrain, French license plate was found, holding biological traces of Medin. It was previously located in the trunk of his car. Vujačić, Muhadinović and Mijović met Milić on July 8th in Resna village in Cetinje, to agree on helping Ulama by hiding him in Milić’s house. Ulama hid there from July 10th to August 4th, where he received instructions on how to handle the authorities when he got arrested”, Tomković believes.

Weapons debt to Albanians?

Although he was not mentioned in the warrant, Police is looking for Albanian citizen Adrijan Kastrati, who is under suspicion in Medin case. According to Police information, Mijović was the bridge between Ulama and Medin and Kastrati in weapons trading. The problems occurred due to unpaid debt. Kastrati left Montenegro on the same night Medin disappeared. He came back once to Karabuško polje, to collect his things, and returned to Albania.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro