New ambassadors: Bojan Sarkic in Brussels, Igor Jovovic in Russia

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Bojan Sarkic will be the ambassador of Montenegro in mission in European Union in Brussels, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper from reliable sources. He will replace Ivan Lekovic at this position, whose mandate is expiring.

Sarkic is a state secretary in Ministry of defense, and he graduated International Law at the Faculty of law of the University of Belgrade in 1982. He was previously an acting chief of mission for EU and NATO. In July of 2006 he organized the first visit of representatives of NATO HQ to Montenegro, and the same year he received an invitation letter from general secretary of NATO for membership in Partnership for peace.

Dnevne newspaper also confirmed an earlier published information that Igor Jovovic will be the ambassador of Montenegro in Russia. Jovovic is a state secretary for political matters in Ministry of foreign affairs and European integrations. From 1990. to 1998. he was the ambassador of former Yugoslavia in Ethiopia, and from 2004 till 2006 ambassador of Serbia and Montenegro in Finland and Estonia. From October of 2099 till January 2014 he was the ambassador of Montenegro in Serbia. Jovovic will replace Zoran Jocovic, whose mandate is expiring.

It is expected that Jovovic and Sarkic will resume their new duties in June of this year.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro