New arrersts, interrogation of Bulatovic

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Democratic National Party (DNP) member Nikola Jovanovic was arrested on suspicion of being a member of a criminal group allegedly formed by PzP leader Nebojsa Medojevic. It was unofficially said to ‘’Vijesti’’ that Vladimir Bulatovic was arrested.

The Special Prosecution Office is in the process of interrogating Vladislav Bulatovic, who is suspected to be a member of a criminal group, like Jovanovic and Vladimir Bulatovic.

Two days ago, they were also arrested. Editor-in-chief of TV Budva Iva Pavlovic, member of the Executive Committee of the New Serbian Democracy (NOVA) Petar Draskovis and Luka Radunovic were also arrested two days ago. They were released pending trial after the hearing in the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

The prosecutor suspects that they have loundered illegally gained money under the order of Medojevic and businessman Momir Nikolic.

The investigation order states that Medojevic and businessman assigned tasks and roles to each member of the criminal group, and that they used economic and business structures for functioning of the criminal organization.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro