New arrests in Budva

The former head of Budva Cadastre Mirjana Marovic and several people were arrested this morning for the criminal offense of abuse of official position in an organized manner.

Media reports that Megapromet owner Miso Miodrag Mitrovic was also arrested, as well as the former director of the Automotive Company Budva Igor Trnski and assessor Marko Radunovic.

They were arrested on the orders of the Special Public Prosecutor on suspicion that they abused their official position during the sale of state land in the village of Prijevor, above Jaz, thus damaging the municipal budget by almost two million euros.

‘’Pobjeda’’ reported today that the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption exempted documentation from Automotive Company Budva (AMD) over suspicion that several persons had abused official positions during the sale of state land in the village of Prijevor above Jaz. Damage for the municipal budget is nearly two million.

Investigation by Special Prosecutor’s Office will cover all persons directly or indirectly connected with this job: former presidents of the municipality Budva Rajko Kuljaca and Lazar Radjenovic, the former head of Budva Cadastre Mirjana Marovic, Igor Trnski, Miodrag Mitrovic and Milka Lazarevic, writes ‘’Pobjeda’’.

Damage for the municipal budget, as can be inferred from the documentation collected, occured in 2008 when the decision was taken to sell urbanized land in Prijevor (26,000 square meters) to NGO AMD Budva.

Land in Prijevor was above Jaz, and was sold at auction at a low price. Ignored the Recommendation of state authorities not to sell urbanized land but to direct the investor to urbanized plots with the precise purpose of what can be built on it was ignored. NGO AMD Budva in 2008 initiated the sale of plot in Prijevor at the Municipality.

As suspected, simulated auction was held with the participation of three companies whose representatives were related persons and was won by NGO AMD Budva, which offered ten percent more than the initial price. Previously, the municipal commission, headed by Mirjana Marovic, assessed value of a square meter at 45 euros, writes ‘’Pobjeda’’.

Entire job was concluded during the presidential term of Rajko Kuljaca. It is assumed that AMD Budva paid only guarantees, while deadlines for payment of the funds were rolled over until the other buyer was found – Megapromet, owned by Miodrag Mitrovic. A few months later, residents in Prijevor have requested from municipality to pave the road and provide parking. What is interesting is that a square meter of land was then estimated at more than 150 euros. Later it turned out that part of the land that was sold to AMD Budva belongs to the family Kovacevic, who were paid the price of 150 euros for the construction of parking lots, and the price of that contract was paid by the citizens from the budget. If the investigation confirms that there were violations and damages to the municipal budget, considering that everything was done in time when the first man of Budva was Rajko Kuljaca, it could shake its status as a witness collaborator in the process of “TQ Plaza and Jaz”, reports today’s ‘’Pobjeda’’.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro