New details in the investigation against Dikic and Sindjelic’s group: Encrypted phones seized

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A detailed investigation of the Montenegrin security services, in cooperation with foreign agencies, showed that Bratislav Dikic’s group communicated through three special, encrypted mobile devices. The team in Montenegro had one of them, whereas the two others were located in Serbia and Russia, Pobjeda newspaper learns from multiple sources from Montenegro and Serbia.

According to Pobjeda, the devices represent highly sophisticated means of communication, with the software against eavesdropping and virtual changing of phone number and call location in the event of a “sudden” control. They are used only by the powerful intelligence services. The device has a system of protection which triggers data destruction if the phone falls into “enemy’s” hands and he/she tries to search call logs.

Two phones are seized in an operation of Montenegrin and Serbian police and the third one, which is located abroad, is unavailable. Nevertheless, there are audio recordings of communications, which leads to the conclusion that in its operation of preventing a terrorist attack, the Montenegrin intelligence service cooperated with a powerful intelligence agency that monitored encrypted communication.

Velimirovic foiled the plan

Pobjeda also reports that Mirko Velimirovic from Zubin Potok, who has been charged with being a member of the group that was preparing terrorist attacks in Montenegro on election night on 16 October, decided to prevent the criminal plan of Aleksandar Sindjelic and Bratislav Dikic after he arrived in Podgorica.

The night before the planned terrorist actions, Velimirovic came to the police and revealed the frightening scenario to the inspectors. According to the investigation order, Velimirovic said that he received €15,000 from Sindjelic to bring 50 automatic rifles, three boxes of ammunition and police uniforms to Montenegro. He was supposed to leave the equipment in a rented house in Podgorica.

Velimirovic’s confession confirmed the earlier police findings, but the timely information helped to completely thwart terrorist attacks. According to the defendant’s testimony, his role was to convey messages he received from Sindjelic and Dikic.

Plan of attack

In a joint operation on 15 October, Montenegrin police and Chief Special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic’s special team arrested a part of the group that was preparing an attack on citizens who, according to DF leaders’ earlier announcements, were supposed to gather in front of the Parliament after announcing the election results. As Pobjeda earlier reported, Dikic’s group was tasked to enter the Parliament building through a side entrance wearing police uniforms and to attack police. As they said themselves, they intended to try to attack the Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

In addition Velimirovic, Dikic and Sindjelic, the Special State Prosecutor’s Office issued an investigation order against other 13 persons: Kristina Hristic, Branka Milic, Milan Dusic, Dragan Maksic, Srboljub Djordjevic, Aleksandar Curovic, Aleksandar Aleksic, Nikola Djuric, Sinisa Cetkovic, Dejan Stanojevic, Milos Acimovic, Ivica Matic and Perica Andric.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro