New elections – old tradition: Residents of Tuzi are provoking DPS with Albanian flags?

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Albanian flags have flown in Tuzi tonight again. It remains unclear whether holding convention of Forca-Democtratic Union of Alvbanians-Albanian Alternative was the reason for this or residents of Tuzi provoke DPS in this way, since that party has had a convention in Tuzi.

The first candidates of the lists “Albanians Resolute” Genci Nimanbegu and “With a Single Purpose” Gzim Hajdinaga said in an interview to CDM that they approve flying Albanian flag in Montenegro.

“Not only that I approve it, I also actively participate in these celebrations. I’m sorry because there are people in Montenegro today who mind flying of our flag freely”, Nimanbegu said.

Hajdinaga, long-time minister for human and minority rights, said he knew democratic practice and theory and that everyone has the right to act as they want as long as they do not violate other people rights.

“This applies to using flags as well, particularly when it comes to sports and cultural events”, he said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro