New investigation against Kuljaca and Radjenovic: Sold public land to Delic family?

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Special prosecution opened an investigation against former mayors of Budva Rajko Kuljaca and Lazar Radjenovic because of selling the public land in Rezevici which was bought by Dusan Delic, father of Ivan Delic.

This whole deal was done four years ago, and Delic bought the land in Rezevici from the city for approximately 670.000 euros. Under the instructions by the special prosecutor, the case against Radjenovic and Delic was formed and the investigation is ongoing, it was reported by Dan.

Because of selling this land MANS has filed criminal charges against Lazar Radjenovic.

„The case was formed rgarding the sale of the land in Rezevici, whose owner was the municipality, and which was bought by Dusan Delic, and both Kuljaca and Radjenovic are under investigation. Everything is in the phase of investigation and research so we cannot give anymore details”, it was confirmed to Dan from the Prosecution.

Municipality of Budva sold around 11.000 squared meters of municipality land in Rezevici for around 670.000 euros, or approximately 60 euros per meter squared. The initial price was around 57 euros and it was set at the end of 2010 by the Commission for value estimation of the Directorate for real estate, and buyer of this land was Dusan Delic.

In a statement given to Dan, Dusan Delic said that thw whole deal was done legally and that the investigation will prove this.

„I paid almost 60 euros per meter squared, everything went through tender, and it even passed the parliamentary procedure. I used the land for the primary purpose, I didn’t resell it so I think that everything was done in accordance with the law”, said Delic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro