New mandate to Vojvodic

General Director of the Public Service Rade Vojvodic was re-elected to that position by today’s decision of the Council of RTCG (Radio Television of Montenegro). Six Council members voted for Vojvodic, two abstained, and one was against. The vote was secret.

The Council will conclude a contract with Vojvodic at the next meeting. It will be second Vojvodic’s term at the head of the RTCG, and he will cover that position for four more years.

Vojvodic has achieved significant results in the field of stabilization and financial sustainability of RTCG in the previous mandate. In the second trm, as he announced in the plan, the biggest challenge will be the digitization, financial stability and continued strengthening of the role of Public Service.

Vojvodic finished law school. He worked at Radio Montenegro as a host and editor, and then as Head of Marketing. He conceived the Third program of TV Montenegro in 1998. He founded the first digital television in the Balkans, TV IN, where he was CEO for the decade.

He was the only candidate in the race for the RTCG General Director.

Vojvodic recently said that an important year stands before the Public service. A year during which, among other things, a journalistic production should be increased.

Next year, RTCG will host the General Assembly of the European public services.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro