New owner of Nika announced 50 jobs and one million euros investment

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The new owner of dairy plant Nika, FML company from Niksic, will employ 30 workers in the first phase of production, while in its largest capacity, the company will make room for about 50 employees total, the co-owner and director of FML, Tadija Šljukić, told Dnevne Novine daily.

FML took over Nika in early August, when they bought the dairy’s facilities, equipment and property in village Rastoci for 910.000 euros. The investor has already initiated construction work hoping to launch production as soon as possible.

“We expect that by the end of next year, the investment will amount to over a million euros. We are here every day, we are working to open the factory as soon as possible”, said Šljukić.

In order to accomplish everything planned, FML will apply for loans from the Abu Dhabi Fund. Mr. Šljukić sid the company discussed this with Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Petar Ivanovic, who promised help.

When the state dairy was operational, its capacity was large and amounted to about 50.000 liters of milk. The new owner intends to achieve profitability of the company in lower production, from 3.000 to 5.000 liters of milk.

“We are acquiring lines for packaging to modernize them, but we will also buy new ones. When it comes to procurement of raw materials, we will be oriented on Montenegrin producers who will be given the opportunity to sell what they produce”, concluded Šljukić.

Nika dairy was previously owned by Niksic resident Aleksandar Bozovic, at whose request the company declared bankruptcy in March last year. At the time, 73 workers lost their jobs, leaving the plant with unpaid wages and contributions in the amount of about 160.000 euros. Production stopped in November 2014, after subcontractors previously suspended delivery of milk, because Mr. Bozovic failed to pay for their raw materials for over a year. The company owed them about 150.000 euros at this point.

Božović bought Nika in 2005, after its previous bankruptcy, with 600.000 euros provided for purchase from a loan. The contract with the new owner, FML, was signed on August 4th.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro