New parliament constituted

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The new Montenegrin parliament was constituted today in Cetinje, but the deputies have not elected president and vice president of the Assembly, although it was announced. The session was chaired by the oldest MP Marija Catovic.

Presenting the report of the State Election Commission (SEC) on the results of the elections for deputies in the Parliament, which were held on 16 October, the president of that body, Budimir Saranovic said that he was glad that foreign observation mission positively assessed the parliamentary elections.

He reminded that 528,817 voters had the voting rights in Montenegro, adding that 388,220 voters voted at the polling stations.

According to the SEC, there were 140,597 unused ballots and 5513 invalid .

“The Democratic Party of Socialists won 36 mandates, the Democratic Front 18, the Grand Coalition Key 9, Democrats 8, the Social Democratic Party 4. Socialdemocrats and Bosniak Party will have 2, and coalition of Albanians resolutely and Croatian civil 1 deputy,” Saranovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro