New Societe Generale bank’s service: “3D secure” for safe internet transactions

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Societe Generale Bank of Montenegro has provided to its customers, MasterCard and VISA card users, an even greater security in internet transactions via the “3D Secure”, new system of transaction authorisation.

“3D Secure” is international security standard for checking the accuracy of cardholder data when paying on the internet and it was developed in order to prevent the abuse or unauthorised use of cards by third parties.

The bank pointed out that this system provided internet shopping with safe transmission of payment information and the participation of the buyer in the transaction, as well as control of unauthorised use of the card.

“This system protects against the risk of misuse of the card on the internet in a way that the cardholder receives password in an SMS message on his/her mobile phone when shopping on the internet in order to confirm their identity. Thus the possibility of misuse of the card by an unauthorised person is reduced to a minimum because the purchase can be performed only after entering the password”, the bank explained.

Societe Generale Bank Montenegro made the 3D Secure system free for all users of VISA and MasterCard cards issued by the bank.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro