Newspaper and TV Vijesti owe more than 600.000 in taxes

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Television Vijesti and Dejli pres (ND Vijesti) currently owe more than 600.000 euros in taxes, show the data that was acquired by Dnevne newspaper.

According to unofficial but reliable sources of Dnevne newspaper, Dejli pres filed the last tax report (IOPPD form) in February this year, but for personal salaries paid in August of last year. Television Vijesti went even further. Last report on tax and contributions was filed in October last year, for salaries from May of 2015.

Obligations of Dejli pres (ND Vijesti) are roughly 40.000 a month. So, the calculation is clear that since September of last year until June of this year, which is the period in which they didn’t pay their obligations, this media piled up 360.000 euros of debt in taxes.

Television Vijesti accumulated in a year time, since they stopped paying for they obligations, more than 280.000 euros of debt in taxes. Their monthly obligations for this are roughly 23.500 euros, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper.

Let us remind you, the law defines that every “employer, or payer of salaries is obliged to file the form IOPPD by 15th in the month for previous month, the form which includes payments of all salaries related to the same month”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro