Next week – take it or leave it


The agreement of the government and the opposition on the conditions for the organization of democratic elections is ready and should be signed next week, the president of the Parliament, Ranko Krivokapic said.

He said that it is now less important who won and who lost, and that the purpose of the agreement is its implementation.

“I think we finished document on paper, it remains part of the day for reflection and a final decision. I expect that next week may be a formalization of the will of all those who want to be part of the deal,” Krivokapic told reporters.

According to him the document could provide a step forward in establishing trust.

“The document is ready and now it is at the stage when we are talking about take it or leave it. There are enough people who are willing to already think about how to take it and it’s good news for me . The next week is a week of the final decision,” Krivokapic said.

Krivokapic recalled that the Prime Minister’s Hour is scheduled for March 31, after which a regular session with the same agenda will be scheduled . As he announced, the meeting of the Collegiate of the President of the Parliament will be held after the prime minister hours.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro