Nikolic: Montenegro has become a toy state

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BELGRADE – Serbian President, Tomislav Nikolic said that Montenegro cannot be compared to Serbia. Calling Montenegro a toy state, Nikolic said that unlike Montenegro, Serbia constantly shows it is not anything like Montenegro and that no one can play with it, Gazeta Express reported.

“Serbia has its own interests and rights, centuries-old partnership with Russia and they cannot tell us that we are an enemy to EU and EU cannot tell us we are an enemy to Russia”, said Nikolic.

Nikolic said that Montenegro chose NATO and EU membership, but also conflicts that these organizations have, without an identity or independence. According to him, Montenegro deliberately abrogated its independence in decision-making by accepting anything just to join NATO, hence becoming a toy state.

“Montenegro is an example of how the state should not become a toy and its leaders should not treat them as such,” said Nikolic.

Source: InSerbia News (Montenegro)