Nikšić "sea" growing more attractive to neighbors

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Located just five kilometers from the center of Niksic, Krupac Lake has long been the favorite destination of Niksic residents, who love to find salvation from the summer heat on the largest beach in the continental part of Montenegro.

This popular resort has great potential for tourism development of the municipality, and year after year, it gathers more and more guests from around Montenegro and the region. The lake attracts more locals because many families cannot afford to go to the seaside, while for some, it’s just convenient to swim and sunbathe close to home. Although the busiest time is during July and August, the season was officially opened on June 16 and swimming at the “Niksic sea” largely began last month.

Guests can expect a neat lake beach, bar and a restaurant with about 300 seats. Beach furniture, which last year cost one euro to rent for the day, is this year free.

“We decided to offer guests free furniture so that more people could come and visit Krupac. We also organized a school of swimming, water polo, diving, water skiing, sailing, and we offer a boat tour of the lake as well. We hope this will make many tourists visit us”, said for Dnevne Novine daily the PR of the tourist and recreation complex “Krupac Mont”, Sandra Marković.

This season, she adds, the company made contact with a number of travel agencies in the region, and is anticipating the arrival of a group of 50 people from Vrnjacka Banja and 70 from Apatin, Serbia. Mrs. Markovic says this will be a trend throughout the summer, and that tourists expect also from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“They’re going to stay here mainly for lunch, after which they will continue”, she explained.

Several years ago, Krupac Lake started hosting a popular rock festival, which takes place from 11 to 14 August. During these four days, both Niksic and its lake are visited by close to 20,000 people.

“But during the festival, although the number of guests increases, our prices remain the same. We have a 5-euros daily menu that will stay unchanged throughout the summer. It includes a soup, salad, bread, main course and dessert. With free beach furniture, you can come to Krupac for 10 euros per person and dine, drink juice and chill all day long”, concluded Markovic.

“People feel safe at Krupac, since we have a very popular rescue team that is always here. We plan to open a ‘stone bar’, mainly for older visitors, while the Ski bar is there for young people, offering gigs and concerts in the evening. We also have facilities for children, like a trampoline, twister, mini ballerinas and slides”, said Markovic, noting that they plan to present their offer on the tourism fair in Novi Sad this September.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro