Niksic will once again be the center of industry



Niksic will again be the industrial center of Montenegro, said Minister of Economy Vladimir Kavaric.

He spoke in the city today with five private entrepreneurs and the mayor Veselin Grbovic.

Kavaric said that he was pleased to talk today with Niksic entrepreneurs who want to create new jobs, to employ, and who are fighting for new markets outside of Montenegro.

Among the entrepreneurs who attended the meeting there were two users of subsidies for job creation.

“From this point we talked about how this regulation would work in the future, reiterated the Government’s commitment to continue this process, to gain an additional momentum. What is my particular pleasure is that domestic investors have recognized the chance in this process,’’ said Kavaric, reports ‘’Onogost’’.

Grbovic said he was satisfied with the meeting.

“Conversation has helped crystallize some problems that should be resolved in the forthcoming period, concerning the export of some products from Montenegro to neighboring markets, even to the markets in Europe where we have some problems,” said Grbovic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro