Nimanbegu: Pajović would be a great step towards stabilization in the Parliament

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Leader of the Positive Montenegro Darko Pajović being named as the President of the Parliament would be a necessary step towards stabilization of parliamentary majority, said Genci Nimanbegu, representative of FORCA.

He said that he was among the first who had signed the initiative for Pajović to become Parliament’s President.

“We think of this step as necessary”, he said to MINA Agency.

“Pajović is worthy of this position”, he added.

He said that making Pajović President would be a step that confirms that Positive is no longer opposition, but part of the leadership.

According to him, the relations between two currents are what they are.

“Opposition worked to diminish Positive’s influence on Montenegro’s political scene, and that is likely to continue, but there is nothing we can do about it”, Nimanbegu said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro