Nishani with Pajovic: Congratulations for progress in EU and NATO integration

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Within the official visit to the Republic of Albania, the Speaker of Parliament of Montenegro Darko Pajovic met the president Bujar Nishani. Albanian president congratulated Pajovic for being appointed parliament speaker, as well as for the progress that our country achieved in the process of accession to the EU and NATO.

Pajovic thanked the Albanian president for his hospitality and Albania’s support in the process of Montenegro’s accession to NATO.

“Pajovic pointed out that as the parliament speaker, he took a great responsibility, but also the obligation to continue and further enhance good bilateral relations between the two countries”, Pajovic’s office stated.

Pajovic underscored economy and particularly sustainable development projects and valorisation of natural resources that Montenegro and Albania share primarily in the border area as important for everyday life of citizens of the two countries, but also for the strengthening of mutual trust.

Pajovic also said that Montenegro was a civic state which had managed to preserve the multi-ethnic peace and harmony during the turbulent years of disintegration of Yugoslavia.

Nishani expressed his satisfaction with bilateral relations between Montenegro and Albania, pointing out that Pajovic’s visit was a great opportunity to further improve relations by agreeing on concrete projects in the areas such as economy, environment, infrastructure and agriculture.

Commenting on the EU and NATO integration of Montenegro, Nishani said that he was particularly pleased that Albania was the first neighbouring country to ratify Montenegro’s NATO Accession Protocol.

In addition to Pajovic, all the meetings, including the session of the Albanian Parliament, were attended by the chairman of the Committee on International Relations and Emigrants Miodrag Vukovic and Ambassador of Montenegro to Albania Ferhat Dinosa.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro