No agreement on the demarcation

It seems that the municipality of Bar and Petnjica still cannot reach a final agreement on territorial demarcation and division of property, without the help of the state.

The Mayor of Berane Dragoslav Scekic said that the competent committee met these days, but there was no agreement.

“The agreement has not been reached yet due to some unrealistic claims from Petnjica Commission, which wants to move the line of an important part of the territory, regardless of fact that borders were completely different in 1953. So it was on that route that there werre some stops, we will certainly ask for arbitration”, Scekic said for Radio Antena M.

Mayor of Petnjica Ibar, Samir Agovic said he still believes in the agreement.

“We talked and tried to agree on that line, but we did not succeed. The conclusion was to try to get closer to the views in the next few days. I believe that we will not ask for arbitration, ultimately it is the last thing we should do if we do not agree”, he said.

Agovic said that it is not an area rich in coals or a high-quality woods, nor are the oil fields, simply it is the main road that runs through Petnjica and Polica.

Agovic said today that it will hold a meeting at the Ministry of Finance, where he will discuss the division of assets and liabilities.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro