No agreement on the positions

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The presidents of the SDP, SNP, URA and Demos, Ranko Krivokapic, Srdjan Milic, Zarko Rakcevic and Miodrag Lekic have failed to agree on all the solutions for the positions in the government of Milo Djukanovic, which according to the Agreement on free and fair elections belong to the opposition, learns daily ‘’Pobjeda’’.

According to this daily, a key controversy is who will get positions of a vice- president and the Minister of Agriculture.

It has already been known that three ministerial candidates are from the opposition. Goran Danilovic as Minister of Internal Affairs, Aleksandar Damjanovic as Minister of Finance and Boris Maric as Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, who is proposed by URA.

Final agreement on the positions is expected today.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro