No basis for new caucuses

Changing the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament of Montenegro which would allow the formation of new caucuses for MPs who left their parties would constitute a change in the original electoral will of the voters, said vice-president of the parliament Suljo Mustafic.

He reminded that there is a independent MPs caucus in the Parliament, which, he said, already has a number of those who changed political parties.

Asked whether, as previously suggested by independent MP Mladen Bojanic, the Rules of Procedure should be modified, Mustafic said to agency Mina that every change previously must be agreed between all political entities participating in both the Collegium and the Parliament.

According to him, the solution to the current situation may be found in the eventual change of the electoral legislation. “This represents a change in the will of voters until the electoral system does not create the possibility to vote for names or individual persons, and not for the lists”, said Mustafic.

If possible changes in the electoral legislation could introduce open or semi-open lists, where one could vote both for the party and the MPs, then, as he said, it would be logical that levaing the party and forming a new caucus would not have to mean a change of voters’ will.

“In these current circumstances, however, it would mean changing their will in the original sense”, said Mustafic.

He reminded that in elections citizens are now opting for programs and parliamentary lists, whether they are individual parties’ or coalition.

“These are big and serious changes and require a serious debate and discussion of all political subjects, but also the public debate”, said Mustafic.

According to him, if the purpose is to improve the electoral process and contribute to greater democratization and citizens getting closer to their representatives, ‘’then we can think about it”.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro