No boycott: Every entity which submitted candidates list must run in the elections

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By the agreement on fair and free elections on the basis of which the government of electoral trust was formed, the signatories are obliged to recognise the results of general elections scheduled for 16 October.

However, despite the fact that they signed the agreement, the opposition parties participating in the government have repeatedly mentioned the possibility of elections boycott. SNP leader and one of the Key coalition (SNP, Demos, URA) leaders, Srdjan Milic, raised the issue of participation in the elections again, when he yesterday said that “the question whether general elections will be held on 16 October at all” remains open”.

CDM asked the State Election Commission (DIK) whether the 2016 party list was determined and whether it is possible for certain parties and coalitions from the list to withdraw from the race now.

DIK stated that the final party list was defined and that all those included in it must run in the elections.

The commission explain that section 40, Paragraph 1 of the election law stipulates that an entity may withdraw its candidates list until the date of determining the general party list. The specified provision of the law implies that, after determining general party list, the applicant may not withdraw its candidates list”, DIK stated.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro