No fear of state bankruptcy

Montenegro has a significant economic growth and increase in foreign direct investment, which is why there can be no state bankruptcy, Governor of the Central Bank (CBM), Miloica Dakic said.

“I do not expect the problem of this kind, because if it was expected we certainly would not have had that situation we had a few months ago when we issued bonds in international markets that drew demand which was far in excess of supply. We achieved a rate that is much lower than in our previous interest rate and debt in Montenegro, ” Dakic said in the Assembly during the presentation of the Report of the Central Bank of Montenegro for the last year.

Dakic said that the confirmation of all this is the construction of the highway where Montenegro has received a loan at very favorable terms regarding the interest rate, grace period and repayment period.

He said that the last few months, bank loans grew rapidly.

He explained that the bank lending increased, because there has been a new bank in the system, which has increased competition and the quality of the offer.

“We expect this trend to continue in the future ,” Dakic said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro