No going back to Montenegro without a finale!

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Months long preparations are a thing of the past, and a time has come for real action. Marko Pešić, Luka Vojvodić, Petar Tošić and Bojan Jovović of Highway Band will travel tomorrow to Stockholm, and on May 10th they will represent Montenegro in the first semi-final night of Eurovision with a song called “The Real Thing”.

Two nights ago, they arrived to Podgorica from Belgrade, where they done the last rehearsal before the trip, along with their back up vocals Nikola Marjanović and Marija Lazić. Marko Pešić said to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily that they are peaceful knowing they have worked as hard as they could during the last months. In the meantime, production team of Eurovision has sent them a video with a choreography, so they now have the task of copying and implementing it.

“We are ready! We are happy with the rehearsals in Belgrade, we feel that the song has never sounded more powerful, thanks to the back vocals as well. We received the video from Stockholm, and they basically showed us what should we make it look like. After seeing the video, we are even more convinced that we will succeed in presenting the energy of the song and the band. The most important thing is to learn the choreography well, and Marija will have the hardest time perhaps. There are a few more details we can not reveal right now. We tried the outfits, we like them, they are not classical rock gowns, they are modern and youthful”, Pešić said.

First rehearsals will happen on May 3rd and 6th, and on 7th they will have a small concert when they will present some other songs as well. On May 9th, they will present themselves to the jury in an especially organized rehearsal, and May 10th is D Day. The goal is to make it to the finale. Positive reviews encourage the band.

“We will not return to Montenegro unless we make the finale. It is our goal. We want to continue the tradition of Montenegro making it to finale. We gave our best everywhere we want. They liked us in London, Amsterdam, Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo… I hope they will like us in Sweden as well”, Pešić concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro