No obstacles for NATO invitation

It is important for Montenegro to become a member of NATO because of the overall security situation in the Western Balkans, assessed the presidents of Montenegrin and the Hungarian Parliaments, Ranko Krivokapic and Laszlo Kover.

They met on the margins of the spring session of NATO Parliamentary Assembly to discuss the Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro .

“The attitude of the Member States could not be predicted, but because of the situation in the Western Balkans I think it is important for Montenegro to become a member of NATO. This would strengthen the stability of the region” said Kover to Montenegrin reporters after a meeting with Krivokapic.

He was commenting on the progress that Montenegro has made on its way to membership in the Alliance, and said that there are no obstacles for Montenegro to receive an invitation for membership, and that Montenegro responded to the tasks and challenges.

From the geopolitical point of view, he said, Montenegro is in a different position than Ukraine or Georgia.

“I think it would be wrong not to make a positive decision on the accession of Montenegro. The invitation would also upheld the principle of the open door for that Alliance pleads for” said Kover.

Commenting on the recent developments in Macedonia, Krivpokapic agreed with his Hungarian counterpart in recognizing that NATO membership is necessary in order to protect the security of the state.

He reminded that messages of the Montenegrin partnerswere encouraging and that it was now “in our hands” to increase public support and to meet known criteria in four areas.

“We are confident that the things are in our hands, because all friends send a message to the expected greater public support for the continuation of those messages that go right,” said Krivokapic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro