No witnesses of Laban’s murder, his girlfriend saw nothing, a fatal shot in the throat

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Police are searching for the person who shot Ivan Laban last night. There are no witnesses of the murder and Laban’s girlfriend, who was with him in the car at the time of murder, could not say anything about the crime.

He was killed at about 8pm, in front of the Topolica sports centre in Bar after a basketball game between Mornar and Red Star.

Laban was liquidated as he was exiting the parking lot in front of the sports centre in his Citroen C4 car.

An unknown attacker drove by on a motorcycle and shot six bullets at Laban. Laban’s girlfriend was with him in the car. She was not injured in the attack.

The young man was immediately transported to hospital. However, he died on the way to the hospital.

High state prosecutor Suzana Milic said that there were no witnesses of the murder.

“The perpetrators of the murder are unknown… The autopsy of the body is ordered and the police are given binding orders to work on this case”, Milic said.

Laban’s girlfriend could not help prosecutors.

“She was there, but she saw nothing”, Milic shortly said.

According to unofficial information obtained by CDM, the autopsy showed that Laban was shot in the larynx.

Laban had a record in police.

He served a prison sentence for assaulting a police officer. After being released from prison, he went to Germany where he allegedly committed a theft, for which crime he also did time in a German prison as well. He was also being associated with the Trepca post office heist and frequent street brawls.

In 2014, he was extradited from Germany to Montenegro, to serve the ten month prison sentence for assaulting a police officer. Allegedly, he also did time in a German prison for participating in a robbery.

Laban was nephew to Milovan Djukic, a former member of Arkan’s “Tigers”, who died in Podgorica, in October 2014, after he was shot by György Dedvukaj.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro