North of Montenegro to be strongly developed

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Prime Minister Dusko Markovic said today in Mojkovac that the goal of the local self-government should be, along with the Government, to initiate activities for further development of the Northern region, and thus to further development, job creation and better offers for a better life.

“Only a strong campaign and the joint work of the Government and local self-governments together with the Government can make our intention realistic. Just commitment is not enough,” Markovic said during the meeting with the leadership of the Municipality of Mojkovac headed by President Dejan Medojevic.

Markovic said that one of the priorities should be ” opening of the Business zone in Mojkovac next year for which the study of locations has already been completed” .

“I insist that this is a project that should have priority,” the Prime Minister said.

Markovic reiterated that the Government will be oriented to the North region and that this should be taken into account when drafting the budget for the next year.

Talking about tourism resources, President Markovic emphasized that the priority should be the protection of the Tara River and pointed out in this context the need to complete the rehabilitation of the landfill in Podbisce.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro