Not a single NATO member opposes the invitation for Montenegro

Hungarian Ambassador Christian Posa said that no member of NATO opposes sending the invitation to Montenegro.

He said that on Monday a meeting was held at which the main topic was the impression of member states regarding the progress of Montenegro on the path to NATO membership, and whether the current progress and success were sufficient for an invitation.

“I can tell you that no country was against it. There might be countries which have not yet decided, but what matters most is that no one is against it, but the vast majority of countries said they support sending the invitation to Montenegro in December,” said Posa for Antenna M.

He considers that the key moment for Montenegro was the call of US Vice President Joseph Biden.

“In the NATO ambassador circles, that moment is generally considered very important. Even I believe it was one of the most important moments in the course of the NATO integration of Montenegro. I also want to stress the fact that last year, on the eve of the summit in Wales, Montenegro has not received such a phone call and a clear message. I think it shows the attitude of the Alliance, “he said.

Asked whether the positive attitude of the United States may affect the member states, Posa says there is no need for that.

“I think there is no need for such influence, because member states have a very positive opinion of Montenegro. This is my personal opinion,” he said.

Speaking on whether the announced DF protests could affect the decision on the invitation, Posa said two things were important regarding that.

“The first is that any citizen or group of citizens, should be able to protest, and secondly, it is essential that these protests are held in peaceful atmosphere without violence,” said Posa.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro